I believe teachers and students using technology is not simply a wish, it is a must.  In this day and time, students are introduced to electronic devices at very early ages. Doesn’t it make more sense to meet students where they are rather than forcing them to master an antiquated system of communication?
Of course, as with any changes in education, we are going to have some push back from parents.  At times, teachers will also enter the realm of resistance.  However, this push back is based in fear.  Parents and teachers alike tend to resist things they do not understand.  Both are scared their expertise, or the lack thereof, will not carry students and children into the technologically advanced classroom.
As to the classrooms of both Steve and Cyndi, I have never seen students so involved in class on a daily basis.  Also, the ability to include me into their lessons, via the Internet, was a lot of fun.  I had the ability to comment on papers and insert my opinions into classroom lessons from a distance. The students really enjoyed those interactions.

Chris Chism

Principal – Pearl High School

Pearl, MS