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#LessonUP is a Twitter chat that was born out of a discussion between ourselves (@eduappsandmore) and Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) about supporting teachers on lesson planning. #LessonUP will be a forum where teachers can bring their lesson ideas and seek ways to “upgrade” the lesson using EdTech or simply working to increase the DOK level of the activities/questioning.

Individuals will post lesson plans they wish to get feedback on. They will tag their post with #LessonUP. The Twitter community will then look at their plans, post suggestions/praise in the document (as a comment). Hopefully, everyone learns something in the process.

Some expectations of #LessonUp:

  • Realization that we never have a perfect lesson plan. The input of others can potentially make it better.
  • New ideas, new technologies, new strategies are always coming up in teaching. We get better with feedback, seek it and accept it, but be polite about it.
  • Create your lesson plan in a Google Doc or other platform that allows for commenting.
  • We recognize we do not know everything and there are a lot of good ideas out there that we want to know about.
  • Make sure your document is publicly visible and anyone can comment.
  • Each week there will be a topic that focuses on one specific part of lesson planning.
  • The chat will revolve around lesson planning ideas and strategies for that topic.
  • Participants are encouraged to tweet their lesson plans.
  • Participants are highly encouraged to provide meaningful feedback on the lesson plans.
  • Make a commitment to help a teacher improve their lesson plan each week!
  • Please be sure to share all plans with eduappsandmore@gmail.com prior to beginning of each chat.
  • 21st century teaching methods are new to all of us
Upgrade Your Lesson is about helping each other. By providing comments and feedback we gain insight into some new ways to do things. This chat will discuss one element of lesson planning through a 1 hour chat format. Participants are highly encouraged to provide their lesson plan in a Google Doc so other teachers can comment and give suggestions. While we are focusing on one area of lesson planning, comments on any part of the lesson plan are encouraged.

All tweets and plans will be archived on this site.

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR LESSON PLAN TO BE CONSIDERED FOR USE #LessonUP  Please be sure to read the directions tab for instructions.