Consulting/Staff Development

We are available for consulting and staff development activities. We have presented at The University of Mississippi, Northwest Mississippi Community College, North Mississippi Education Consortium, Mississippi Educational Computer Association (MECA), Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC), Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA), and various school districts in Texas and Mississippi. We have several years of creating and updating curriculum for school districts.

We do most of our staff development in the southern region of the United States, however we are available nationwide.

We offer professional development/consulting in the following areas:

  • Going Paperless in the K-12 Classroom
  • Using Google Apps for Education in the Classroom
  • Hands on digital/paperless lesson creation
  • Integrating EdTech into your existing curriculum
  • Finding EdTech solutions to fill instructional gaps
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementation
  • Teaching Grammar Through Writing Using EdTech
  • Cross Curriculum Planning: Social Studies and English/Language Arts
  • Cross Curriculum Planning: Science and English/Language Arts
  • How to build a modern classroom library
  • How to put the fire back into reading

Contact us to book your professional development opportunity:

Steve and Cyndi Goodgame


Click HERE to download our flyer as a PDF.

Paperless       Classrooms

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