About Us

Steve Goodgame

Steve Goodgame is a co-founder of Goodgame EduApps and More and an English teacher.

Steve currently teaches English and operates the blog, The Paperless Trail. He is currently writing his first book about the use of EdTech in the classroom. Steve has previously taught 3rd-8th grades.

Steve has 10+ years as a curriculum writer/designer. Additionally, he has served on district technology integration teams for multiple school districts. Steve has 14 years of teaching experience, in addition to being an experienced speaker, team leader, staff development provider, and consultant.

Steve is a Google Certified Educator and Intel Teach to the Future Master Teacher. He is also certified in New Jersey Writing Project, Junior Great Books, Project Read, as well as Gifted and Talented Education. He is currently licensed to teach in Texas and Mississippi. Steve also holds certifications to teach English as a Second Language in Texas and Mississippi.

Cyndi Goodgame

Cyndi Goodgame is currently teaching English and is the co-founder of Goodgame EduApps and More, and The Paperless Trail Education Consulting. Previously, she taught second-eighth grades for over fifteen years.  In addition, she has over ten years experience writing curriculum for both elementary and secondary levels on curriculum teams for multiple districts.  She has been a teacher for fifteen years, consultant, staff development provider, team leader, and young adult author.

Cyndi Goodgame has certifications in  Intel Teach to the Future, New Jersey Writing Project, Junior Great Books, Project Read..  She is certified in Texas in Gifted and Talented Education, as well as ESL.

Steve and Cyndi firmly believe that technology should play an increasing role in classrooms today.  A growing amount of education reform reminds teachers in today’s classroom the importance to facilitating the current generation with the innovative tools they will need to succeed in the future, not just on a test.  It is their belief that through effective use of educational technology, students will be more engaged, enabling them to be more successful.

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