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Twitter is the place to be. If you want up to date information, feedback, PD, or pretty much anything, Twitter is likely a great place to go. The problem with Twitter? How do you manage it when there are several hashtags you wish to follow? What about those amazing Twitter chats you keep hearing about?

Enter Tweetdeck. Tweet deck is an extremely user friendly way to manage your Twitter accounts. It is actually by Twitter, so you can feel safe that your info is as secure as it is otherwise.


Tweetdeck allows you to create columns that you can use to follow any hashtag you wish. Simply search for the hashtag you are looking for, and click add column if you want to add that to your tweetdeck.

tweetdeck add column

If you are one of those folks who have stayed away from Twitter because it is too tedious to keep up with on your Twitter page or your mobile device, give Tweetdeck a try. It’s a great timesaver, and you can actually keep up with what is going on.