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I recently finished reading a great book, by Matt Miller, called Ditch That Textbook. For those of you out there who are at least considering the move to being more paperless, I highly recommend this book.


Miller describes his transition to getting rid of the traditional textbook in his foreign language class, a journey similar to what we have experienced doing the same in our English classes.  I rather like that Miller does not just paint it as a happy go lucky experience, where everything went perfectly. He kept it real, which is what educators need. (though not always what educators want)

I found myself nodding my head, finding affirmations for practices we make use of ourselves. I gleaned a few good ideas from the text as well. I even found myself, at certain points, thinking I need to go back to my own book I am writing, and revise it a bit, as it might sound too similar to Miller’s.

Miller has developed a following on Twitter as well, the hashtag #ditchbook is becoming more prevalent for those wanting to discuss the journey they are making. He has teamed up with Dave Burgess, of Teach Like a Pirate fame, as well as others.

All in all, this is a book well worth the investment, both financially and time. It’s summer, now is the time to ponder making serious changes to get serious results, and Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook is a surefire way to get you thinking in the right direction.