A great read about Google Classroom! I couldn’t agree more, Classroom works!

Jennifer L. Scheffer

I recently sat down with 8 of my colleagues at Burlington High School for a candid conversation about Google Classroom. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Classroom has had a significant impact on workflow and communication with students. Below is a summary of what Burlington teachers had to say:

English teacher Krista Roberts has been using Classroom since September. She uses it with her sophomore Introduction to Literature class and her junior American Literature class. Krista loves how easy Classroom is to use and that it creates assignment folders automatically.

Speech and Language Pathologist Colleen Jenkins has also been using Classroom since September. She traditionally works with students in small group settings or one on one, however this year was the first time Colleen was teaching a class at the high school. Colleen mentions how much Classroom has evolved since it was introduced. In the video below, she demonstrates the latest…

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