Have you ever had those students… you know, like that one, in the back. The students who rarely speak unless forced to do so? Of course you have, we all have.

In the classroom, discussion and debate tell us far more about how well a student grasps content than doing a multiple guess worksheet. Many teachers think that having students regurgitate answers in short answer format is much more meaningful… yet they give them the answers ahead of time, so all the students have demonstrated is how to memorize answers to test questions.

Enter todaysmeet.com. This is a format we use regularly. Students can discuss topics, silently via the website. They bill it as a backchannel, and it truly can be. Kids can discuss a movie they are watching as they are watching it, without bothering others. They can engage in debates about characters, motives, etc., and never disturb a soul.

The interface is about as easy as it gets. Go to http://www.todaysmeet.com and you find a screen like this:

Simply type the name of the room you wish to create or enter, select how long you want the room to be ‘alive’ and you’re off and running. The interface is quite simple.

You can sign up in a couple of steps, and get a bit more control over who can enter your room and such, but that is not required.

All in all, todaysmeet.com is a great tool for classroom teachers who want to facilitate discussion and get everyone involved. Give it a try today!