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Anyone making an effort to go paperless will, sooner or later, as the question…

What will my kids read if we have no books?

My answer to that is one that has been around for quite some time.  www.gutenberg.org has a wealth of classic literature, free for the taking. We are going into our third year of being paperless, and gutenberg has made the transition much easier.

Head over to http://www.gutenberg.org and search for your favorite classic. When you do, you get a screen that looks remarkably like…

Click the text you want, and you will see some options.

You can download the format you wish, send it out to students to put on their devices, or you can click more options and download it as a text file.  The text file is by far one of our favorites. We copy the text into a Google doc, then send it out via Google Classroom. Students can then comment and collaborate inside the document they are reading.  What more can you ask for!?