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So, I just read an article about how reading on a screen, as opposed to a paper page, is not good for critical thinking. The article, located here http://huff.to/1EJRWWB , is a decent read, however, I can’t help but disagree. Well, sort of.

The article makes a point of pointing out that eReaders and such tend to encourage skimming, and moving on. And, while I can see the point, I can’t help but think this is a teaching issue, not an issue inherent to the nature of the eReader itself. In fact, I read on several devices, and yes, I read good old fashioned books as well.  I enjoy reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. I like that the dictionary is simply a long press away. I like that I can carry so many books in just a few ounces. I like that i can read in the dark.  Does reading like this inhibit deep thinking as I read? I think not.

I think people (kids and adults) need to get used to reading on a screen, and learn the possibilities available there. You can copy text, google for more information, or simply make a few quick notes to look at later. Feel like delving into a topic more? You have a wealth of information available to you.  That is not to say the same isn’t true with a ‘book’, just that they are very similar, each with certain benefits.

The point is read what you wish, how you wish to read it. Enjoy a paper book? Have at it. Rather have digital ink? Go for it.  I would rather have people reading than being discouraged from reading by naysayers who claim doing so in a certain manner is harming one’s ability to think.